How to measure your horse with the GFS measuring device.

Step 1.

To get an accurate measurement place your saddle on your horse in the usual position. Make a note of where the front of the saddle contacts the horse. This should be approximately three fingers width back from the shoulder blade.

gfs gullet gauge 1.jpg

Step 2.

Remove the saddle and place the measuring device in the correct position.

gfs gullet gauge 2.jpg

Step 3.

Move the measuring device until both sides are contacting the horse and a measurement can be taken.

gfs gullet gauge 3.jpg

Step 4.

Once you have moved the measuring device to the correct setting a reading can be taken.

gfs gullet gauge 4.jpg

Step 5.

Remove the measuring device from the horse without loosing the reading.

gfs gullet gauge 5.jpg

Step 6.

Your horses size is clearly indicated on the measuring device.

gfs gullet gauge 6.jpg

These steps can be repeated every few months to monitor your horses shape and saddle fit.