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A premium 6mm rope with larger diameter galvanised wires, making it up to 10 times more conductive than standard polyropes and suitable for all fences in most conditions. Very flexible and easy to handle.

How does an electric fence work?

An electric fence system consists of an energizer generating regular power impulses and one or several wires transporting the power. These wires are insulated against the ground by using plastic insulators on wooden posts or plastic stakes, which prevent the power from being branched off into the ground.

When an animal comes into contact with the wire a circuit is caused. I.e. the electric current flows through the animal and soil, back to the energizer via the earth stake. Thus the animal experiences an unpleasant (but harmless) electric shock and backs away.

Note that it is not necessary for a fence to form a ‘loop’. The circuit is caused when it is touched by the horse.

We recommend two levels of tape where there is no boundary fence and at least one of these tapes 40mm wide, and one level of tape if partitioning off an already secure area. Wooden posts with insulators make the most secure fence but plastic stakes work cheaply and are easier to erect. Plastic posts need to be in straight lines 9 meters apart and supported at the corners. The best position for the energizer is near the gate, gateways need for each level of tape. One gate handle, one continuous insulator, two wooden posts and one ring insulator, if the gate is at the end of the fence run. If the fence continues beyond the gateway you need another continuous insulator. ‘Electric fence gates’ are made by cutting the width of the gate from a length of tape and tying to the gate handle.

Most portable energizers are self earthing and have batteries included, so you just clip the red wire to the fence and you are started. Some can be supported by a larger rechargeable car battery to prolong battery life.

Mains energizers work best of all but need to be near a 240 volt power supply. The energizer transforms the power down to 12 volts making it safe. This 12 volt current is then connected to the poly tape fence by lead out cable this needs to be either dug into the ground 9”-18” deep or clipped/cable tied to something to keep it tidy. For this you need to measure the distance per meter from the power source. It also needs an earth stake positioned in moist earth.

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good value product, only just installed so hope it will last

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